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Stony mountain panorama with view to the Hochducan. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Our event mountian in winter

A mountain that made history and that is immensely multi-faceted and diverse: That’s the Jakobshorn in Davos. It’s also called the event mountain – a rather telling designation. With its numerous events, slopes with guaranteed snow and its culinary offers including many options for après-ski, what you’ll experience is “pure fun”.

In winter of 1934, the mountain went down in history. At the foot of Jakobshorn, the first tow lift was put into operation. Bolgen lift made the high-alpine town of Davos a pioneer in winter sports. It was also the location where snowboarders were first allowed to practice their turns while this sport was still frowned upon in other places.

Rich in history and a true mecca for guests who appreciate good slopes, diverse restaurants and attractive events: Jakobshorn in Davos is definitely the right mountain for those looking for great culinary offers and plenty of fun.

Summer activities

Sun and adventure on our fun mountain

View in the direction of the Jakobshorn, the mountain trail runs over the ridge and disappears behind a rock that has a white-red-white marking. | © Davos Klosters Mountains


Exploring Jakobshorn on foot is a fantastic idea – both for families that would like to go on a little summer excursion and for seasoned mountaineers. The Jakobshorn cable car takes you from the valley station up to 2,600 metres above sea level. That’s where scenic routes lead you along beautiful trails, past alpine roses and mountain pastures. Every once in a while, you might even see marmots. Whether you hike through the picturesque Sertigtal Valley or towards Jatzhorn along the mountain ridge – there’s a lot to discover on Jakobshorn.

Good to know: Some of the hiking trails are also used by mountain bikers. We all share the trails, which means showing respect and looking out for others.

A biker jumpes on the signal trail on Gotschna, the Tinzenhorn in the background.  | © Davos Klosters Mountians


Experienced mountain bike pro or beginner – there are plenty of exciting tours to explore up on Jakobshorn. No wonder it’s known as a hotspot for diverse single tracks. An absolute highlight is the Alps Epic Trail: It’s the longest single track in Switzerland and leads you from the Jakobshorn mountain station into the picturesque side valley of Sertig and, from there, uphill onto Rinerhorn. Once you arrive at the mountain station, you can continue your ride to Monstein and Filisur. That’s enduro fun at its best!

Those wanting to finetune their technique should visit the Technique Trail at the intermediate station of the event mountain. It boasts the perfect terrain for practicing and polishing your skills – including banked turns and obstacles.

By the way: The easiest and most convenient way to get your bike or e-bike onto Jakobshorn’s summit is by cable car. All you need for that is a valid day ticket for bike transport.

A trail running couple is training on a marked trail, the woman running ahead and the man just behind.  | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Trail running

Up and down, over hill and dale, sweating buckets – that’s a dream come true for many trail runners. In the high alpine terrain of Davos Klosters Mountains, sports enthusiasts can experience one runner’s high after another. The Vertical – a route with 1,000 metres of elevation gain – leads you from the foot of Jakobshorn all the way up onto its summit. And it’s perfect for improving your stamina and endurance.

Other challenges can be found on various trails, for instance, along the ridge onto Jatzhorn. Beginners should give the route from the Jschalp intermediate station to Clavadel a try. No matter your level of skill – you’re bound to find the right trail!

Silhouette of a trail runner on the ridge ot the Jakobshorn mountain, he is running towards the sunset.  | © Davos Klosters Mountains
Trailtoleranz ist wichtig! | © Davos Klosters Mountains
A female hiker dressed in red climbs up the stony ridge with her walking sticks, behind her the valley of Sertig is in view.  | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Insider’s tips

On summer holiday on the Jakobshorn, you can look forward to …

prepped with wood and ready for you to take a break. There’s one right below the Jakobshorn’s summit at Lake Stadlersee, for instance.

How about combining your hike with a visit to the Clavadel Show Dairy? It’s located near the Jschalp intermediate station. Immerse yourself in the world of cheesemaking! To get there, it only takes you about 45 minutes on foot.

Jakobshorn is a hotspot for paragliding enthusiasts because they can soar through the air almost all year round. The local flight schools also enable beginners to enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience, and you’ll even get a photo for your holiday album. When will you take off?

Activities in winter

Sun and adventure on our fun mountain

Skiing and snowboarding

A ski resort that’s known all across Switzerland for its diverse slopes and extraordinary après-ski parties, and a location that has freestylers rejoice at the JatzPark and Bolgen Area? On our event mountain, that’s just what you’ll find. One sun deck after another and a wide variety of culinary offers round off the winter sports experience on site. What’s more, the locations for breaks are also popular meeting places and great venues for company and group events. When it comes to winter sports, Jakobshorn really isn’t stingy with amazing offers: Besides spectacular jumps at JatzPark, you can also look forward to 55 kilometres of diverse slopes from blue to black – for everyone from beginners to seasoned pros. Signposted freeride routes (when they’re open) are the site of many an adventure in deep powder snow providing even more variety. That’s how every skier and snowboarder can live it up on Jakobshorn!

Freeskier taking a kicker at the Jatzpark. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Freestyling at JatzPark

Jakobshorn has always been the location of choice for freestyle skiers and snowboarders in Davos Klosters. It provides perfect conditions for beginners and plenty of training options for seasoned pros. At JatzPark, they can choose from three different lines with various obstacles such as kickers, rails, and boxes. No matter your level of skill – you’re bound to find the right challenge there! 

Freeride and ATC

You can head out on your powder-snow adventures right from the mountain station on Jakobshorn. Via signposted and secured routes, you can enjoy marvellous descents on two different sides of Jakobshorn. If you follow the yellow routes, you’ll end up in one of the two picturesque side valleys: Dischma or Sertig. A word of caution: The routes are only secured if they are open, and you must bring appropriate avalanche equipment!

ATC: Behind Châlet Güggel restaurant, you’ll find the Avalance Training Center, or short, ATC. That’s where you can learn and practice the correct use of an avalanche transceiver as well as searching and finding people buried by an avalanche. In realistic terrain across an area of 100 by 100 metres, an avalanche cone is simulated. This type of training allows you to practise for a possible emergency – because: safety first!

Winter hiking trail towards stadler lake at the Jakobshorn. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Winter hiking and snowshoeing

Winter hiking and snowshoeing are crowd favourites on Jakobshorn. Past Lake Stadlersee, you can hike all the way up to Rossboden at 2,600 metres above sea level on a two- to three-hour snowshoe tour. Your reward when you arrive at the top? Breathtaking scenic views of the surrounding mountains. The start and end of this loop is the mountain station on Jakobshorn. You’ll also have several options for a break at various restaurants along the way.

Winter hikers can enjoy a range of different offers on various trails from the mountain down into the valley. How about a leisurely and romantic hike from Mountain station Fuxägufer towards Clavadel through a snowy forest? If that doesn’t make hikers’ hearts beat faster!

A child drives through a gate of the Kidsslope at the Bolgen and touches the fluttering tarpaulin with his right arm.  | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Kids slope Home of Winter

Do you know Flurin, the blue snow dragon? For all families and young guests, the new Kids Slope "Home of Winter" at the Carjöler chairlift is the highlight at Bolgen you shouldn't miss.

Flurin has lost his friends, the snow dwarves, Snowli and Topsi, in a snowstorm. Now it's up to you to help Flurin find his friends again. On the slope, bumps, slalom gates, friendly animals and much more help you to improve your skills. Have you found Flurin's friends? Now all that's missing is a souvenir photo with the snow-spitting snow dragon Flurin at the end of the slope. Come on, let's go to the Home of Winter!

View towards Brämabüel chairlift. | © Davos Klosters Mountains
Night shot from the Jakobshorn mountain station. | © Davos Klosters Mountains
Party on the sun terrace of the Jatzhütte. | © Davos Klosters Mountains
Pistenbully in use at Userisch. | © Davos Klosters Mountains
Skiers enjoy their view on the chairlift Clavadeler on top of the Jakobshorn. | © Davos Klosters Mountains
View to the Bolgenareal from above. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

The Bolgen Area

At the foot of the Jakobshorn, you can enjoy one fun activity after another. Because that’s where the area of the ski school is located with its easy slopes for practicing your first turns. In addition, the Kids Slope "Home of Winter" inspires young skiers and families all around the adventure of the dragon Flurin. Yet it’s also where Bolgen Area can be found: a paradise for freestylers who want to have a blast on the halfpipe, air bag and temporary Big Air or show off their skills in front of an audience. On weekends, Bolgen Plaza and Chalet Bello in the valley are two popular après-ski hotspots. Bolgen really is the place to be for families, adrenaline junkies, and – a little bit later in the day – for après-ski.

Bolgen Area is centrally located in Davos Platz, and it’s a meeting spot for three generations which makes it unique in the entire Alpine region. Parents and grandparents can arrive by car, park it right next to Bolgen Area, and then watch their little ones practice their first turns. Alternatively, grown-ups can hit the slopes of the nearby ski resort on Jakobshorn while the kids enjoy their skiing lessons. Bolgen Area also offers countless options for excursions. As the perfect ending to an eventful day, everyone can meet for coffee and cake on the cosy sun deck of Bolgen Plaza. A highlight for winter fans of all ages!

Culinary offers and après-ski

Jakobshorn is known for offering the perfect combination of adventures on the slopes, culinary highlights and events. Especially groups, company teams and pleasure seekers enjoy their days on Jakobshorn to the fullest. A morning of skiing on perfect slopes, lunch at a cosy hut and, afterwards, soaking up the sun in a deckchair while listening to great music: What a perfect ski day on the event mountain! The icing on your winter-fun cake is après-ski at Jatzhütte or at Bolgen Plaza. That’s what makes a day on Jakobshorn even more enjoyable, eventful, and truly unforgettable!


Sunchairs and palm trees at the Jatzhütte with view into the Sertigtal. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Insider’s tips

There are a few activities you can do on Jakobshorn that’ll make your ski day even more perfect...

Jakobshorn is an ideal event location. How about a company ski race, for instance, to find out who’s the fastest on the team?

... at the mountain station is the perfect spot for a snapshot in front of a stunning mountain backdrop.

Paragliding down into the valley will be the highlight of your holiday. Jakobshorn is one of the few locations in Switzerland that provides perfect conditions and sufficient thermal uplift for paragliding almost all year round.

... can be rented at various sports shops right by the valley station. You can simply leave your car at the Jakobshorn car park, rent the equipment you need, and then hit the slopes. It hardly gets any easier!

On the “1k Vertical Route” on the Jakobshorn you can experience skiing pleasure from the summit to the valley. Start on the mountain and enjoy the 1000 metres of altitude difference down to the valley. Are you ready?

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