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You can book your mountain ticket from home in the Davos Klosters Mountains webshop and you avoid queuing at the ticket office. Existing keycards are loaded automatically after payment or you can pick up the tickets with the voucher at the selected ticket office.

With the summer and winter tickets you will find the right ticket for an unforgettable day in the mountains. There are also many experiences waiting to be discovered. Or you can book the two annual season tickets (TopCard and local season ticket) and get to the mountains all year round.

Find out the advantages, book your ticket online and experience an unforgettable day in the Davos Klosters Mountains!

The Webshop

Available tickets

  • Ski tickets winter: You can buy online ski day passes for the region or one mountain only (1-21 days), the combination ticket Jakobshorn/Parsenn (1-2 days) as well as half-day tickets and morning tickets.
  • Mountain railway tickets summer: You can buy online a day ticket (whole region), a day pass bike (whole region), the bike transport only or a 4-day optional subscription summer.

Six reasons for booking online

  • You can load the ticket directly onto your existing keycard and pass directly through the turnstile without waiting in line.
  • You benefit from attractive discounts on certain days (e.g. end of season)
  • In the winter season you save CHF 2.- on the day ticket for one mountain or the whole region. 
  • In the customer account you have an overview of your orders (day ticket, hotel booking and annual passes) and can manage them.
  • There are numerous experiences to discover, with just a few clicks you can book and reserve them.
  • You can book the TopCard annual pass or the local season ticket from the comfort of your own home.
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Questions and answers

1. Keycards

The keycard is a data carrier and enables contactless access to all lanes and lifts at DKM. It can be programmed with new validity data at any time and can therefore be used for several years. The keycard (obligatory for 3-day passes and above) is available at all points of sale for a fee of CHF 5 (no deposit, i.e. no refund of the card fee)

All current Skidata cards can be topped up directly in the online ticket store using the data carrier number (back, bottom left).

In the case of the TopCard or GraubündenCard the data carrier number can be read out at one of our points of sale.

Important: Keycard loading only works if all 23 digits of the data carrier number are known.

The word Skidata (small, right) is printed on the back of the keycard. If the 23-digit data carrier number (back, bottom left) starts with the two numbers 01 and consists only of numbers, then it is clearly a Skidata card. Other ski resorts, such as Arosa/Lenzerheide or Zermatt, also use Skidata KeyCards.

KeyCards with the numbers 25 / 29 and 30 as the first digits of the serial numbers are not accepted in the webshop, these are outdated KeyCards and do not work at turnstiles. They can be replaced free of charge at one of our sales points.

In this case, you can select the option "Pick up ticket at the cash desk" in the personalization step when booking. You will pay an additional CHF 5 fee (no deposit) for the new keycard. You will receive a voucher by e-mail, which you can print out or show on your cell phone at the selected cash desk. You will receive your keycard with the loaded ticket and pass through the turnstile.

No, this is not possible, because only one ticket is activated at the turnstile. Each guest or family member needs their own keycard (with valid ticket) to travel together on the mountain.

In this case, report to one of our sales points, showing the KeyCard and the receipt. There you can find out which and whether a ticket is loaded on the card.

No, in order to load the ticket directly onto a SwissPass data carrier, a keycard from Skidata is required. If you do not have a keycard, you can place your order with the option "Pick up at the cash desk".

2. Booking process

The desired ski ticket is selected in four steps and added to the shopping cart:

  • Shopping cart: after checking the order in the shopping cart, the checkout follows. Products can be added to or removed from the shopping cart at any time.
  • Customer account: You can log in to your existing customer account, register or continue the booking as a guest.
  • Keycard: In the next step you have to enter your keycard number. Deposited keycards in the customer account are displayed for selection. The option "Pick up at checkout" can be selected.
  • Billing address: Specification of the billing address and confirmation of the terms and conditions is requested.
  • Payment: After selecting the payment option, the order is "ordered with costs" and can no longer be canceled. The booking is completed when, after confirming the payment by SMS or via an app, the confirmation page is successfully loaded. Within 15 minutes, the order confirmation with attachment (receipt/voucher) will be sent to your email address.  

If you already have a keycard, you can load the ticket directly onto it. The ticket will be activated and you can go through the turnstile 15 minutes later. Otherwise you choose the option "Pick up at the cash desk". This costs an additional CHF 5.- for the keycard, which you will receive at the cash desk. With the voucher, which you will receive by e-mail, and an official ID, you can now pick up the ticket at the selected ticket office (marked ticket offices for online orders).

Annual passes ordered online (TopCard, Local season ticket) will be sent by mail within five working days after payment.

If you do not have a keycard, you can pick up the already paid ticket at the cash desk. You choose the option "Pick-up at the cash desk" and pay an additional 5 CHF for the keycard. In the last step of the booking you can choose the cash desk (marked pick-up cash desk) where you want to pick up the ticket. Regional day tickets can be picked up at any selectable ticket office. Ski passes for a mountain can be picked up at the ticket office of the respective mountain.

At the time of collection, you must present the voucher, which you will receive by e-mail, in printed or digital form. On the voucher is noted at which cash desk, the ticket will be prepared for you. 

When booking online, each selected ticket specifies which keycard it is to be loaded onto. After specifying the 23-digit data carrier number on the back of the card, the ticket is loaded onto the corresponding data carrier. On the validity date, the mountain railway ticket is activated at the turnstile and you can access the mountain with your keycard.  

Important: Each guest needs his own keycard. It is not possible to load several tickets for the same day onto one card.

After each successful booking in the webshop you will receive a binding booking confirmation (incl. receipt) to your e-mail address.

Yes, this is possible. You will need the first name, last name and date of birth of the other person. For the billing address, the full name of the person for whom the mountain railway ticket is issued is entered.

Sending the order confirmation (attachment: receipt/voucher) can take up to 15 minutes depending on the load of the online store. Check the following points if you have not received a confirmation:

  • Did the email end up in the spam folder?
  • Did you enter the correct email address? 

If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to inform you whether the booking worked or can trigger the sending of the order confirmation by e-mail again. 

You can buy online tickets up to a few minutes before the first use. The only exception is the purchase of a new KeyCard for annual passes with postal delivery: this is only possible up to five working days before the ticket becomes valid.

The profile at Davos Klosters Mountains offers many advantages and simplifies the booking in the webshop. In the customer account you can store the data carrier number of the existing keycard. When booking, all available keycards are displayed and you can select them easily and quickly. All completed orders are also stored in the customer account. Receipts or vouchers can be retrieved and printed at any time.

You might contact our cashier desks or the webshop team by telephone or email during our opening hours:

T +41 (0)81 417 61 35

Opening hours winter season: Daily from 08.00 - 12.00 / 13:00 - 17:00
Opening hours summer season: Mon-Fri from 08.00 - 12.00 / 13:00 - 17:00

3. Payment conditions

Online transmission of credit card information is encrypted via a SSL-Certificate within the Safer- pay- or Datatrans window. Saferpay is a product of Six Payment Services, 8005 Zürich and Datatrans is a product of Datatrans AG, 8008 Zürich. The purchase process takes effect as soon the money has been charged. Tickets with interrupted transactions will not be valid.

Depending on the credit card provider, a confirmation of the payment is necessary when paying in the web store, which is done via SMS or an app on the cell phone. After the successful completion of the payment, a confirmation page is loaded with the listing of the booked products. The successful booking is confirmed by email with attached receipt or voucher.

In the Davos Klosters Mountains webshop, payment can be made with Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club and PostFinance.

4. Cancellation and reimbursment

No, generally not. Once you have successfully completed the purchase process, it is binding. The terms and conditions of DKM apply.

Operating limitations (e.g. due to technical defects or power interruptions) do not entitle the customer to a refund or to a compensation for any damage or injury caused by force majeure, such as wind and weather effects, avalanche danger, strikes or official orders.

Yes, provided it is a ticket with more than one day of validity and not a special subscription. Refunds can only be made after showing or sending the doctor's certificate.

No refunds are available on: Single trips, morning, half-day, day and evening tickets, mountain experiences, special season tickets.

The refund conditions of the general terms and conditions of Davos Klosters Bergbahnen AG apply to season tickets.

In this case, please contact directly one of our sales offices:

Stolen or lost passes are only replaced by producing the original receipt with the revocation number for the remaining credit.  At the same time the lost ticket will be blocked against unauthorized use. An administration fee of CHF 20.00 will be charged including the fee for the new Keycard. Keytickets are not replaced. Reimbursement claims for forgotten passes (day tickets) are only paid up to the end of the current season.

No refunds can be made for: single/return trips, morning, half day, daily and evening ticket and mountain experiences without a Keycard.

5. Tickets

Ski and regional passes for the validity of 1 - 21 days can be purchased in the webshop. One or two-day tickets can be purchased for the desired mountain (Parsenn, Jakobshorn, Rinerhorn, Pischa and Madrisa). From three days the ski pass is automatically a regional pass and is valid for all open mountains.

Furthermore, the combination ticket Jakobshorn/Parsenn (one or two-day ticket) and the half-day and morning tickets for a chosen mountain are available online.

Important: All regional passes of Davos Klosters Mountains are valid on the mountains Parsenn (Parsenn Klosters and Parsenn Davos), Jakobshorn, Rinerhorn, Pischa and Madrisa. Excluded from the validity is the Schatzalp. 

The following tickets are available in the webshop during the summer:

  • Day ticket for one person
  • Day ticket bike
  • Bike transport
  • 4 days optional subscription summer

Single rides, pedestrian tickets, Wahlabo Winter (6-days during the season), the Wahlkarten Winter "3 out of 4" or "5 out of 7" days, rates for the Davos Klosters Premium Card in summer as well as other adventure tickets are only available at the sales points of Davos Klosters Mountains.

The Rhaetian Railway RhB is no longer included in all Davos Klosters Mountains tickets from the 2024/25 winter season.

The local buses in Davos and Klosters are included in all Davos Klosters Mountains tickets as follows during the winter season:

Davos local bus (VBD)

Local bus network Davos without side valleys accepts a valid ticket or season ticket also for business and leisure journeys during the winter season. Day or half-day tickets are only valid on the day of validity until 19:00, morning tickets until 13:00 on the local buses.

Klosters local bus (OKS)

Local bus network Klosters-Serneus only valid for return journeys to the valley stations of the DKM in connection with their use as skiers or snowboarders or sledgers in ski, snowboard or sledging equipment. Day or half-day tickets are only valid on the day of validity until 19:00, morning tickets until 13:00 on the local buses.

Translated with (free version)

When collecting the ticket at the ticket office, the printed voucher can be presented together with an identification card for identification on public transport.

You should always carry the receipt and an ID card with you on the ski day in printed form or on your cell phone. At controls in public transport or in the ski area, the receipt, the ticket and an identity card must be shown. The receipt with name and validity date confirms what is loaded on the keycard.  

The half-day ticket is valid from 12:15 and works from this time at the turnstile. The half-day ticket is only available in winter and only for one desired mountain.

Special feature: In the low season, the half-day ticket is automatically a regional pass and valid for the open mountains of Davos Klosters Mountains.

With a combination ticket you have access to both ski areas Jakobshorn and Parsenn and can ski there. Ideal if you want to get to know both ski areas. The ticket is available for one or two days.

Special feature: The "Two-Day Ticket Parsenn" automatically becomes a "Combiticket Jakobshorn/Parsenn" and is also valid for Jakobshorn. This is an offer from us that you can use but do not have to.

With the Davos Klosters Premium Card you receive discounted mountain railway tickets in summer. The day ticket (several mountains) or the ascent and descent (1 mountain) can be purchased directly at the hotel or at one of our sales points after showing the guest card. These rates cannot be purchased online.

With the 4-day summer subscription you can use the mountain railroads on four different days in the summer season. Nothing more stands in the way of hiking fun.
Important: The 4-day hiking pass is not transferable.

6. Tarifs

Senior citizens (65 years and older) and senior women (64 years and older) receive a 10 percent discount when purchasing a regional pass (3-21 days). Those who wish to purchase a day or two-day pass will also receive 10 percent from Monday to Friday (last day of validity).

Important: This discount can be booked at the ticket office upon presentation of a valid ID card and online in the Webshop.

Davos Klosters Mountains tickets are divided into three price categories: children (6-12 years), youth (13-17 years) and adults (18 years and older). There is no discount for students and apprentices.

However, with the STUcard (advantage card for young people and students) you will receive a 15% discount on the regional day ticket online. Enter the discount code you received from your cantonal bank. At our cash desks you will receive a 10% discount on the regional day ticket when paying with the STUcard.

Children up to their sixth birthday ride free on the lifts of Davos Klosters Mountains when accompanied by their parents or a ski instructor. Excluded are the valley and practice lifts (Bolgen) in Davos Klosters.

No, the Half-Fare Card or the GA (General Abonnement) of the SBB are not valid with the Davos Klosters Bergbahnen.

Children up to 6 years are admitted, free of charge, when accompanied by an adult or snow sports instructor (if included in his/her lessons), with the exception of valley ski lifts.

Age categories:
Reduced children’s tariffs apply up to their 13th birthday
Reduced youth tariffs apply up to their 18th birthday
Adult tariffs apply from their 18th birthday
Rates for senior men apply from 65 years and for senior ladies from 64 years

We will inform you about the special offers in the webshop via social media (Instagram and Facebook) as well as via our monthly newsletter. Then you just have to act fast, so that you can benefit from the discount in the defined period.

Dogs travel free of charge with the Davos Klosters Mountains cable cars.

6. Experiences

When booking a mountain experience in the webshop, you will receive the voucher for the experience booking by e-mail. Print out the voucher or have it ready on your cell phone. It is also important to carry an ID for identification. When booking a mountain experience you will receive your service from the experience provider, when booking an experience package you will receive the service at the cash desk (mountain railway ticket) as well as from the experience provider (experience).

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